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Quote: 22; Rating: -219; [+|-]
< quaff> just watched a demo of the N9 in action
< quaff> jesus
< quaff> i have a hard on
< renedox> LOL
Quote: 10; Rating: -217; [+|-]
[17:11] <renedox> there's a lot of love in this channel atm :D
[17:11] <spaceduck> lol
[17:16] <BinaryDigits> :D
[17:16] * BinaryDigits hugs #linuxcult
[17:16] *** renedox is now known as linuxcult
[17:17] * linuxcult hugs BinaryDigits
[17:17] *** linuxcult is now known as renedox
Quote: 18; Rating: -213; [+|-]
<renedox> only thing I'll pick up is an STD
<renedox> or ten
<quaff> LOL
* renedox looks seductively at herpies
<renedox> hey you, how you doing?
* renedox winks
-!- quaff is now known as herpies
<herpies> doing fine thank you
<herpies> i keep coming back
* renedox tickles herpies
* herpies spreads onto you
-!- herpies is now known as quaff
<renedox> lol
<quaff> hm.. sounds more pleasureable than it is, i'm sure lol
<renedox> hahaha
<renedox> I'm not even sure if that counts as cyber -.-
Quote: 1; Rating: -208; [+|-]
[16:04] <renedox> BinaryDigits!!
[16:04] <renedox> fadumpt_!!!
[16:05] <BinaryDigits> renedox!!!
Quote: 7; Rating: -193; [+|-]
< quaff> Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?
< BinaryDigits> um...
< quaff> Because he had no guts!
Quote: 23; Rating: -186; [+|-]
< renedox> do you know how to use blender?
< quaff> yeah
< quaff> i think so anyway
< quaff> ahah
< quaff> what up
< renedox> lol
< renedox> I am trying to learn it
< renedox> but all available tutorials suck
< renedox> been trying to learn it for a year or so now
< renedox> but everytime I load up the screen, I get lost in the GUI -.-"
< renedox> the controls are weird too
< quaff> oh wait
< quaff> LMAO
< quaff> Blender
< renedox> LMAO
< quaff> the 3D model designer
< renedox> yes, blender
< quaff> ahahhahahaha
< renedox> not a blender
< renedox> haha
< quaff> i thought you meant a blender
< quaff> shit
< quaff> lol
< renedox> lol
< quaff> i need to read more
< quaff> ahah
< renedox> hahaa oh God
Quote: 15; Rating: -181; [+|-]
<renephone> Not that i'm overly sad but, we don't have any male strip clubs in Auckland any more
<Fingel> serious biznss
<spaceduck> srsly
<renephone> Hahaha nice
<Fingel> renephone: start one. You can be the sole performer
<quaff> LMAO
<renephone> LOL!
<Fingel> Renedox's big Coxs
<quaff> lmfaooooo
<renephone> Don't think I want to be a male stripper...
<renephone> Omg! Cover your eyes!
<spaceduck> Renecox?
* renephone is glad binarydigits or any other females are not in the channel atm
<quaff> ahahahha
<renephone> Haha nice space
<Fingel> ladies come get some Renecox!
<renephone> Lol!
<Fingel> so full of win. I'll design the website you give me 5%
<renephone> Haha um.. I didn't sign up for this!
<quaff> i'll market it to my chick friends
<quaff> get your "Renecox! 5 dollars a pop!"
<Fingel> renephone: it doenst matter the idea itself has surpassed you
<Fingel> you no longer have a choice
<quaff> LOL
<renedox> lol damn
* renephone has quit (Quit: jmIrc destroyed by the OS)
<renedox> wait
<renedox> $5 a pop?
* renedox might have just officially become a cheap whore
<renedox> argh, who am I kidding
<renedox> I've always been a cheap whoree..
Quote: 20; Rating: -180; [+|-]
<BinaryDigits> poor woman tho. amazon how she's survived

<din> amazon?

<BinaryDigits>  <—geek on the brain
amazing! hahahaha

<renedox> hahaha

<din> that's the most amazon thing i've seen today.
Quote: 19; Rating: -175; [+|-]
< renedox> did you get her number?
< renedox> :P
< din> um no. i'm a married man.
< din> :)
< quaff> renedox, lol
< renedox> lol, didn't say for you! :P
-!- din [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
< quaff> LOL he left!
< quaff> look what you did!
< renedox> LOL!!
Quote: 12; Rating: -173; [+|-]
* renedox is now known as pussy
* pussy is now known as renedox
<renedox> don't ask what that was about :P
<quaff> um
<quaff> lol
<quaff> alrighty then
Quote: 26; Rating: -173; [+|-]
< quaff> yeah renedox is trying to peep through my window in google street view
< renedox> yeah, it helps
< renedox> lol but he wouldn't tell me what house is his
< renedox> haha
< quaff> little does he know that facial blurring is in affect, but not penis blurring!!
< renedox> so that's what that twig was..
< quaff> fuck.
< renedox> :P :D
< quaff> LOL
Quote: 8; Rating: -161; [+|-]
<spaceduck> hookers!
<renedox>    yes!
                    they are useful for hanging coats!
Quote: 21; Rating: -156; [+|-]
< quaff> nathan fillion is a stud
Quote: 16; Rating: -152; [+|-]
<BinaryDigits> tomorrow i'll try SSH from my work laptop
<renedox> hehe
welcome to the world of SSH
<spaceduck> you're an ssh
<renedox> your face is an SSH
<spaceduck> your mom is a telnet
<renedox> your mums' undies is a telnet
<spaceduck> your mom doesn't wear undies
<renedox> I'm kinda disturbed you know that..
<spaceduck> ;)
<BinaryDigits> LOL - quote :D
Quote: 11; Rating: -142; [+|-]
< quaff> phone sex in person is such a life changer
< BinaryDigits> lol
< renedox> hahaha
< renedox> wtf?
< quaff> LOL
< quaff> don't judge me!
Quote: 17; Rating: -139; [+|-]
* spacegf is very glad Chi never listens to anything
< quaff> chi eh, is that your name spaceduck
< spaceduck> nah, that's another IRC user
< spacegf> No his nickname is....
< spacegf> NM.
< spacegf> .. omg I was just allowed to say it
< spacegf> His nickname is Benji
< spacegf> <3
< quaff> Benji? that's cute :)
< spaceduck> >:(
< spacegf> Almost as cute as him
< spacegf> Almost.,
< quaff> almost
< quaff> spacey is pretty cute
< spacegf> Duckie.
< spacegf> Benjiducky.
< quaff> LOL
< quaff> nice
< spacegf> Benjiduckieee
< quaff> i like that one hahaha
< spaceduck> I hate you all.
* spacegf received death glare
< quaff> ahahahaha
< spacegf> :<
Quote: 2; Rating: -137; [+|-]
< BinaryDigits> no one else here?
< spaceduck> I died
< BinaryDigits> :D
< spaceduck> You're happy that I died?
< spaceduck> :(
Quote: 13; Rating: -132; [+|-]
< din> they have 14 years of legacy php apps however
< din> not going away soon
< din> hence my job exists. ;)
< renedox> o.m.g.
< renedox> 14 years.. that is rediculous
< renedox> why have they not been upgraded yet?
< quaff> you know what is ridiculous? i just got a boner from that..
< quaff> LOL jk
< renedox> LOL
< quaff> probably cause the apps are massive
< din> i have no idea. i've been here less than 2 years
< renedox> 14 year olds! *fap* *fap* *fap*
Quote: 27; Rating: -117; [+|-]
binarydigit [20:48]
I love Big Hero 6

thelunchspecial [20:49]
@binarydigit: that's what *she* said

spaceduck [20:49]
she did, in fact, say that

spaceduck [20:49]
I love Big Hero 6
Today at 20:48

thelunchspecial [20:49]
... where's that bot?!

binarydigit [20:49]
yep >:)

binarydigit [20:49]
quotes database!

thelunchspecial [20:49]
Quote: 3; Rating: -115; [+|-]
user.scream("OH, FUCK YOU");}
Quote: 14; Rating: -114; [+|-]
<quaff> have you any experience with arch?
<renedox> no, I haven't, sorry
<quaff> damn
<renedox> the only experience I've had with it
<renedox> is holding the CD in my hand and going "should I install this over ubuntu"?
<quaff> from what i've read over the years, arch is gentoo but with binary packages?
<quaff> LOL
<renedox> yeah, that's what I've heard too
<quaff> if that's the case
<quaff> colour me with an erection
<quaff> cause i am in love
<renedox> lol what colour is an erection?
<quaff> i have no clue
<renedox> haha
<quaff> sometimes words just come out of my mouth
* renedox colours quaff the colour of an erection
<quaff> that's what she said?
<quaff> Lol
* renedox colours quaff WITH and erection
<renedox> -d
<quaff> LOL
<renedox> yeah, that's right, it's my whoreishness coming out
<renedox> you scared yet?!
Quote: 9; Rating: -111; [+|-]
-!- SpacePad [] has joined #linuxcult
< renedox> BinaryDigits: almost home time for you :D
-!- SpacePad [] has quit [Quit: Ninja vanish!]
< renedox> that was very ninja indeed
< BinaryDigits> ya
< BinaryDigits> lol
< renedox> :D
Quote: 24; Rating: -109; [+|-]
-!- quaff [] has quit [Quit: ""]
< renedox> fine! quit without saying anything!
Quote: 25; Rating: -43; [+|-]
< din> i wanted to kick him in the taco
Quote: 28; Rating: -38; [+|-]
thelunchspecial [10:48]
I'm a bit worried about the movie version of the Flash poisoning the TV version.

renedox [14:47]
there's going to be a flash movie?

binarydigit [15:29]
Adobe Flash, see how quickly it disappears

renedox [15:29]

a competing company will come out with Silverlight[surfer]

binarydigit [15:30]
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