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<renephone> Not that i'm overly sad but, we don't have any male strip clubs in Auckland any more
<Fingel> serious biznss
<spaceduck> srsly
<renephone> Hahaha nice
<Fingel> renephone: start one. You can be the sole performer
<quaff> LMAO
<renephone> LOL!
<Fingel> Renedox's big Coxs
<quaff> lmfaooooo
<renephone> Don't think I want to be a male stripper...
<renephone> Omg! Cover your eyes!
<spaceduck> Renecox?
* renephone is glad binarydigits or any other females are not in the channel atm
<quaff> ahahahha
<renephone> Haha nice space
<Fingel> ladies come get some Renecox!
<renephone> Lol!
<Fingel> so full of win. I'll design the website you give me 5%
<renephone> Haha um.. I didn't sign up for this!
<quaff> i'll market it to my chick friends
<quaff> get your "Renecox! 5 dollars a pop!"
<Fingel> renephone: it doenst matter the idea itself has surpassed you
<Fingel> you no longer have a choice
<quaff> LOL
<renedox> lol damn
* renephone has quit (Quit: jmIrc destroyed by the OS)
<renedox> wait
<renedox> $5 a pop?
* renedox might have just officially become a cheap whore
<renedox> argh, who am I kidding
<renedox> I've always been a cheap whoree..
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