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<quaff> have you any experience with arch?
<renedox> no, I haven't, sorry
<quaff> damn
<renedox> the only experience I've had with it
<renedox> is holding the CD in my hand and going "should I install this over ubuntu"?
<quaff> from what i've read over the years, arch is gentoo but with binary packages?
<quaff> LOL
<renedox> yeah, that's what I've heard too
<quaff> if that's the case
<quaff> colour me with an erection
<quaff> cause i am in love
<renedox> lol what colour is an erection?
<quaff> i have no clue
<renedox> haha
<quaff> sometimes words just come out of my mouth
* renedox colours quaff the colour of an erection
<quaff> that's what she said?
<quaff> Lol
* renedox colours quaff WITH and erection
<renedox> -d
<quaff> LOL
<renedox> yeah, that's right, it's my whoreishness coming out
<renedox> you scared yet?!
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